Friday, April 1, 2011

Why my cats might go hungry this month

Dear Tigger and Spike:

Yes, I know the two of you are responsible, so stop trying to blame the others. I forgave you for scattering some 40 bottles of glimmer mist across my floor while I was at work. But then I went to pay the bills. I needed a new book of checks, so I went to the usual location. Strangely, there were no checks there. I looked around, moved a few items. No checks. Panic began to set in... had some crazy burglar broke in, stole some checks, and then slipped out, locking the doors behind him?

Then I saw them. Scattered across a corner of the floor, under my desk, and behind a trash can. Really? You took my checks? What were you planning on doing with them, little kitties? They can't taste all that great, and they don't do anything interesting when you bat at them. But they do pay for things. Like cat food. Better think twice before you hide things that are necessary for your survival, little guys. Being cute won't get you far when your 'momma' ain't got a dime.

your grumpy person


Chris said...

Ha!,ha! I tried to make cording tonight, the cats thought it was great :(

Nan said...

Bahahaha! Silly kitties!
Thanks for a giggle to start my day. (Although I'm sure your humor belies your frustration)

Deb said...

ROFLOL. They're just like little kids aren't they

Carolyn NC said...

Too cute!

Anita S. said...

LOL! They are as bad as my kitties. Which is why I moved my studio to a room with a DOOR! My kitty no longer has access to the room at all :) poor sad Paco Kitty!

Shelleen said...

awww, look at those innocent faces :-)