Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some stitching and "the little guy"

Some time ago, I finished stitching "Getting Away" by the Sampler Girl. I stitched it on hand dyed fabric from Picture This Plus (I forget the name of the fabric, maybe doubloon?) with overdyed floss. But it's taken me FOREVER to get around to finishing it into a pin pillow.

I have such a love of traveling, that I knew I had to stitch this pattern as soon as I saw it!

I have also found the time to stitch up a little patriotic freebie, also from The Sampler Girl. I pulled from my stash of overdyed threads, and stitched it up on the same Picture This Plus fabric that I used for the travel pillow above. I was going to wait til I got to Mom's house and raid her fabric stash for a backing, but then I found this little stall at the flea market at the State Fairgrounds two weekends ago. She had such beautiful fabrics! I picked up 3 that I thought might work for this design, but I still need some trim. Guess I'll be pouncing on Mom's stash after all! Anyway, here's the three backing options along with the stitching. Which one do you like?

That same weekend we visited the flea market, A and I also browsed the Antiques show. There were several samplers there, but a lot of them were a bit pricey for me. But this Spanish sampler was in my price range, and I think it's rather pretty (if you can tell from the crapola picture). It's kind of cool, she names her teacher and the school!

In baby kitty news, Scout is doing well as best I can tell. He certainly has settled right in, and he has soooo much energy! I woke up this morning because he was gnawing on my toes, and I came home from work to find him sitting on the kitchen table. Grrrr. He doesn't need to be right on top of me all of the time (just half the time), but I am required to stay in eyesight. He was helping with this post a minute ago. Thankfully, he got bored with that pretty quickly, because he was just typing a bunch of gobbledy gook! Here's hoping that recovery continues to go well with no complications. It scares me to be responsible for such a little guy after such a big injury.

Next post, I'll be sharing some of the layouts I've finished in the past few weeks, and, of course, blabbing on about my Egyptian adventures. Til then, try to stay cool everyone. This is one of those rare times when I actually dread my walks back and forth to work... especially in a suit! Hope everyone's a/c is at least coming close to keeping up!


Margaret said...

Oh nice! I love those backing fabrics! So pretty! Lovely finishing and stitching! And that antique sampler you found. Oooooohhh! Glad to hear Scout seems to be doing well. He sounds like a mama's boy. lol!

Valerie said...

What a lovely sampler find!! She is beautiful!

The fabric finds are fabulous! I love that they have a historical feel. Your finishing in perfect...I love the trim on "Getting Away."

So glad to hear little Scout is on the mend. What a darling little kitty!

Theresa said...

Beautiful pillow finish!!!! I love it!!!!

All three of the backing fabrics are so nice~~ I guess I just like the first one a bit more!!

Glad to hear your kitty is getting better~