Monday, October 10, 2011

Things I learned about my cats this weekend

I learned a few things about a couple of my cats this weekend:

1. Do not try to make Spike look girlie by putting a pretty pink ribbon around her neck. She will cut you. Seriously.

2. When you are on the phone with your father, and Spike pounces your upper thigh in an act of retaliation (see 1 above), do not ignore her because...

3. Spike is not above attacking from behind and sinking claws into both of your butt cheeks. Seriously. Ow.

4. It does not improve Spike's mood when you try to put the pink princess cone on her head. It does, however, impede her eyesight, making it harder for her to leap on your unsuspecting legs.

5. Princess DOES like having a pretty pink ribbon tied about her neck, and will purr with pleasure about it.

6. When you try to remove said pretty pink ribbon from Princess's neck (because, after all, it is kind of a choking hazard), she will cut you. Seriously.

7. People who like to mess with their cats should invest in neosporin and bandaids.


Margaret said...

lol! We do love our cats though! Isn't it funny how even if you clip your cats' claws, it still hurts when they claw you? :D

Carolyn NC said...

ROFL - love it!