Thursday, January 19, 2012

The answer is no, but I did get some scrapping done!

I came so close to finishing, but poor Sarah has gone back into her folder for the time being. But she's verrrry close to being done:

Just a day or two of stitching on her after I'm done with my model work and she'll be ready to go to the framer's!

Not only did I get a brand spanking, never been stitched by another, project this weekend, I also got fibers that I ordered for a couple of spring-themed smalls I want to start soonish. Here are the new fibers alongside the projects they go with:

I'm not positive that I will start both of these projects this year, given the fact that I have a lot going on this spring. But at least I have the fibers for whenever I do want to start them! I also found out today that the NPI silks and fabric that I need to start my BAP challenge piece are on their way to me. I know I won't be starting on that until after I finish both the model and Sarah, but I'm still excited. I've been waiting to get the materials for this sampler for a loooong time. More on that later.

In wedding news, there's been a wee bit of drama. I went to pick up my dress on Saturday, and they had sent the right dress in the wrong color! You can imagine how distressful I found this information to be. The ladies at the store were very nice, and assured me that things would turn out okay. I now know that the correct dress will be shipped out on Friday. Let's just hope that this is the worst problem that I have during this whirlwind time. After the dress fiasco, Mom and I and my friend Susan went scouting for table decorations. And we came up with some pretty great stuff. Assembly required of course. I'm going to play with some of what we got over the next couple of days, hopefully. I did finish my own guest book. I have so many little albums floating around that it just didn't make sense to me to buy a pre-made book for all our guests to sign in on. I took a PinkPaislee 6x6 album, covered the chipboard pages with some Websters Pages paper, and covered the front of the album with some prima products, Glimmer Mist, and ribbons. I don't think it looks too bad.

And just to keep me in a sparkly, "I'm in love" kind of mood, here's a bit of bling that will be showing up on the big day:


Chris said...

Sarah looks great!! I love her! Are you going to have a big sampler wall in the new house?
The new bunny projects are lovely too.
I am very excited that things are moving along in the wedding prep. I had dinner with your Mom tonight so I heard all about it. I love the guest book that you made.
Take care and if there is anything that I can do please let me know!

Siobhán said...

Sarah looks great--you'll be happy dancing in no time! Nice work on the guest book--it'll be such a special treasure, having made it yourself. I hope things work out with your dress!

BeckySC said...

OOOH, looking just lovely :)
I am sure everything will work out just fine with the dress :)

Penny said...

Sarah is just beautiful!
Oh no! - I hope things get straightened out with the dress.
What a wonderful job you did on your guest book and I love the bling too. :)