Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ort Report for August and an annoying accident

Hello, everyone!  Hope you're having a wonderful, relaxing weekend.  There have been happenings since last I posted, and I have been far too grumpy and listless to post an update until today.  Two days after my last blog post, I fell down the stairs while carrying a load of laundry.  I could not bear to put any weight on my left foot, and the pain was quite unbearable, so I drug my husband home from work and had him take me to urgent care.  I have what appears to be a fractured toe and a sprained/strained foot.  For two or three days, I could do nothing but sit on the couch and sulk (well, I only sulked a little bit, but I just didn't feel energetic enough to even stitch.  Pathetic, I know).  Fortunately, my foot seems to be slowly mending and I can move around in my little boot, as long as I don't do too much at one time.

On Monday after I fell, I was thrilled to get my receive my kit of threads and goodies for the Cabinet of Curiosities course that I've signed up for.  I won't share any photos, in case anyone reading this is also taking the course and doesn't have their package yet.  Let me just say that it was a wonderful treat to brighten up a rather gloomy day!

Once I got back to stitching, I mostly worked on models for Mom.  I can't show any of  them yet, but hopefully I'll be able to share by the end of the month.  If you look at the state of my ort jar this month, you may notice that the top is full of lots and lots of black threads (think Halloween, hint, hint):
See the birdfeeder in the background?  It provides hours of entertainment to myself and the cats.  Earlier this week, I went out to refill it, and as I hobbled back into the house, I realized that the impatient birds weren't even waiting for me to retreat before swooping in for a snack.  Usually, they are too shy to tolerate my presence on the deck.  Remember how punky I told you the juvie cardinals look?  See for yourself:
I just love his little ragged crest on the top of his head!  And the hummingbirds were not to be outdone in bravery.  I heard the whirring of rapidly beating wings just before I spied this fellow at his feeder:

 It's mating season, so the hummingbirds are going a little nuts, whizzing around the yard as they chase one another away from the feeder.  It is amazing to watch.
I have been doing a little scrapbooking as well as stitching, I even made it to the scrapbooking convention in Charlotte last weekend (it was exhausting on this stupid foot, but I still managed to enjoy myself).  I think I'll save those photos for my next post, though.

The cats have been enjoying my disability.  I suspect that they are happiest when I lie still and allow myself to be used as a pillow.  Of course, when I'm not in the mood for cuddling, Scout might snuggle up with a good read:
At least he has good taste.  I have started rereading The Stand by Stephen King while I'm mostly couchbound.  Good stuff!

That's it for today.  Til next time, have a wonderfully creative day (and be careful on the stairs!).


Margaret said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm so sorry about your accident and your foot. :( I'm always afraid I'll fall down the stairs when I'm doing laundry so your accident totally freaks me out. Hope the foot heals quickly and you're back to normal soon. Love seeing the juvenile cardinals and hummingbirds. I'm so envious you're doing the Cabinet of Curiosities. I have a local friend who is doing it as well. I'm sooooo envious! You'll have to show everything off and your progress too. Scout is so cute, cuddling with your book. lol!

Miss Pants said...

So sorry to hear about the foot. :(

Models for your mom?!? Can't wait to see! I'm slowly working on her October box for our EGA project. Very slowly...

Lianne said...

I hope you are on the mend. Having fell down the stairs, I know it is not fun and it certainly made me check every step I took on them for months...

Love the picture of your reading chair with Scout curled up waiting for you to return!

Hope you feel better this week!

Myra said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about the accident. Take care of yourself. Loving the pics of the birds - they are such fun to watch.

Chris said...

I hope that you are healing daily and things are getting back to normal.
The pics are lovely.
Have a great week!