Saturday, May 15, 2010


Donna Downey's Inspired workshop was held in Charlotte this week. Although I was not able to attend the main workshops because of a work conflict, I did get a chance to take a couple of the mini-workshops on Friday night (and do a little shopping as well!). I took one class from Jenni Bowlin. She gave us some antique album pages to make into a portfolio collage. I'll post more about that later (when I finish my project). My second class of the night was with a woman named Stephanie Ackerman. What a fun lady! And she taught us a paper rose technique that is absolutely FAB-YOU-LOUS!!!! Now, keep in mind that this is my first effort at making these roses. I expect to improve as I make more of them (and make more of them I most certainly will). Here's the cover of the album we made in class:

And here's a photo of those roses she taught us to make:

Believe me, they were just the funnest things to create! Everyone at the advent was so fun, I wish I could have been there for everything. As it was, the drive to CHarlotte from my work conference in Raleigh was long, and the drive home late, late that night was even longer, but it was soooo worth it! I hope this event returns to Charlotte next year, and I hope I have the time/funds to return (and maybe even go to the whole thing).

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