Monday, July 12, 2010

Inpsired by Jenni Bowlin

About two months ago, I attended a class taught by Jenni Bowlin at the Inspired! workshops in Charlotte, NC. I've put off posting my project because I wanted to show some 'before and after' photos.
Jenni was so much fun to learn from! I love the fact that she doesn't have a step by step plan for creating the entire project. She gave us a bunch of product, showed us what she had created with the same materials, and basically turned us loose. We learned to make the cute little tissue flower you see on the front of the folio, and I got my first opportunity to play with some of her Coredination paper line, and, most interestingly, glass glitter.
It's the glass glitter that I've been waiting on. It was bright and shiny when I first applied it to this chipboard butterfly:

Mmm, so sparkly! But as time goes by, the glitter starts to tarnish and develop this gorgeous patina. With the help of my toasty little apartment, this is what the butterfly now looks like:

See how the edges have started to blacken? (and see the tissue flower I mentioned?) So cool! I think I may need more of this glass glitter. Ha ha ha. I decided to fill the folio with images of my mother and her parents from the late 40's. Here's a couple of photos of the finished project:

I had so much fun at the mini workshops, and I really hope that I'll have the chance to attend even more of this fabulous event next year!

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