Sunday, December 4, 2011

2nd tag -- and a finished needlework ornie

While I was in 'the big city' this weekend, I collected a few needed supplies for my holiday cross stitch ornaments, and a sheet of canvas for the 2nd Tim Holtz tag. Not sticky backed canvas, but I think I managed all right all the same. Here's my take on the second tag:

Once again, I was severely lacking in many of the things he uses, the most obvious being a die cut machine and die cuts to use therein. So I changed quite a bit up. For starters, I have no holiday kraft paper, but I did have a sheet of Tim's first release of kraft/resist papers, so I cut out a bit with music notes on it, and stamped some holly in the corner with archival ink. I also don't have any white distress stain, so I used gesso instead. I think it worked rather nicely!

Since I couldn't die cut a little canvas deer, I used a chipboard snowman I already had, glued the canvas to it, and cut the shape out with a pair of fabric scissors.

Instead of using a die cut machine to cut out a border for the bottom, I used some Websters Pages Bloomers and glued pearls into the bloomers for an accent. Let me tell you, those pearls turned out to be far more challenging than I had first anticipated! My bottle of glue started to ooze glue, so it was everywhere... on my fingers, stringing off of each pearl, and rolling slowly down the bottle. Ick. But I managed to get everything down. The bling along the right edge of the tag is also Websters Pages, an I cut three of the little red crystals off to create buttons on my canvas snowman. I finished the tag off with some rustic looking fibers and the same holiday medallion Tim used, and voila! Tag number 2 is done.

Before getting my hands completely inky yesterday evening, I also finished off another Christmas ornament. It's another Sampler Girl pattern, this time from the annual ornament issue of Just Cross Stitch. I trimmed it with some Prima lace and backed it with some adorable fabric from Mom's stash. I think it's just the cutest pattern, and I can't wait til I can add it to the stitching tree!

I almost have another stitched ornament finished up, and I'm hoping to find some time tonight/in the morning to create the tag for Day 3 as well. Til next time, happy creating everyone!


Chris said...

Lovely! *sigh*

Margaret said...

Your tags are so neat! I especially like this one. :D And your ornie looks great too!

Johanna said...

I love this tag! I love how you work with fabric! :)

Jenny Lilac said...

Your stitched ornament looks great! I like your use of fabric on those tags.