Monday, March 12, 2012

As boring as watching grass grow

I know the real phrase actually talks about watching paint dry, but I'm struggling through a massive amount of green grass on my Soleil project. It just goes on and on and on. It's pretty, but not all that interesting to me. The only drama is whether I can make it all the way through that lawn without running out of silk. The chart didn't say I would need more than one skein, but I strongly suspect that I will. Which wouldn't be a big deal if this weren't an overdyed silk. I know I have another piece of a skein in my stash, but I don't know how similar the dye lot will be. And I'm not gonna look til I have to. So here's what I've accomplished since last week's post:

I've also finished all of the darker green in the border. My sides met, although there are two stitching errors. They were so far behind me by the time I realized it that I'm not going to frog back to them. I don't think they will be too obvious. I hope it's not too obvious.

On Saturday, several of my family members, stitching friends, and childhood friends gathered at my mom's house for my first wedding shower. It was so wonderful to get to spend a little time with those who could make it, and I think everyone had a blast. I know I did. I don't have any photos at this point to share, but I will say this: the shower had a Hawaiian theme. My dear, sweet sister tricked me into eating a Spam sandwich (Spam is very popular in Hawaii), and they spiked my tiki drink without telling me. Then they put me in a grass skirt, etc, etc. It was silly, but fun. My mom, sister, and sister in law really knocked it out of the park. And I made them each a little something to thank them for taking the time to celebrate with me:

Each piece is finished with some vintage lace and some Blueberry Crumbcake fabric. Here's the view from the back:

In other news, I am truly having a great time watching the yard at my future home bloom and grow. Alton and I had planted some daffodils and crocus under one of the Bradford pears in the front yard. And hooray, they came up! I have never tried to plant crocuses before, so I was glad those weren't a total bust. And I love daffodils. I planted some at my childhood home, and that first planting is still going mad at the house, all these years later. I'm hoping that these newly planted daffodils will also divide and multiply in the years to come.

I have never had much success growing pansies in pots. Which is ridiculous, because they are supposed to be a super easy plant. I won a yellow pansy at a stitching event last fall. I am pleased (and a little surprised) to see that it is still going strong.

The previous owner must have also been quite fond of flowers. There are a few daffodils blooming that I did not plant, as well as a handful of hyacinth.

I think there are tulips growing in several spots in the yard. The Bradfords are working their way into a full bloom as well.

Gus the cat was able to spend a little time outside on Sunday. I think he was a little jealous earlier in the day when he was stuck inside looking out:

I am on the road to recovery from my throat/cough thingy. Hooray! Now it's on to a busy week of work, and hopefully a good little bit of stitching. Til next time, I hope everyone has lots of creative time on their hands.


Margaret said...

Your Sous le Soleil looks gorgeous! I sure hope you don't run out of green. I hate when that happens and they don't tell you you need more than one skein. Ugh! Love the presents you made as thank you presents. I love the Blueberry Crumble fabric and it works great with the pillows! Gus is so cute wishing to go outside. lol! Mia enjoyed some open window time too today. Lovely flowers at your future house!

BeckySC said...

Oh, your WIP is looking so lovely!
LOVE your pillows :) They turned out great!

Deb said...

Your Soleil is really gorgeous and I can understand how boring that grass it to stitch. Keeping my fingers crossed that you don't run out of thread.

And your pillows turned out great!!

Linda said...

Your flowers are really pretty. Love the piece your working on. Who is the designer.


CalamityJr said...

Not to be a spoilsport, but maybe you should dig out that other skein of grass and maybe mix it in. If you're stitching with two strands, use one from each skein? Just hoping you aren't disappointed after so much work!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Your Soleil is gorgeous and those presents you made are just darling! What a great thing to have blooming flowers waiting for your at your new house! And, no, I can't see the mistake in your stitching!

Chris said...

The stitching looks great Robin. I think you are the only one who will know about the border.
The shower sounds just wonderful. I am glad you had such fun.
The pics of your new home's flowers are lovely.
Have a great week!

Veronica said...

Good progress on your WiP. Lovely pillows you've made. Those Blueberry Crumbcake fabric are yummy.


Miamina said...

You are doing really with your Soleil project, I hope you have enough silk. I know it's dull doing lots of a solid colour but you know it'll be worth it in the end.

Sounds like your wedding shower was great fun. I'm glad you had a nice time. The presents you made are beautiful.

I've awarded you a Liebster award. If you don't know what it is, drop by my blog and read about it:

Debbie said...


Debbie said...


Anonymous said...


Your WIP is looking really lovely, the green is a very pretty green. Hope you don't run out!

Your little pillows are very sweet.

Gus us just adorable!

primitivebettys said...

Beautiful stitches and blooms! I'm working on my ~*Friday Finishes*~ post now. I'm glad you are feeling better.