Saturday, March 24, 2012


Good grief, are things getting busy around here! I had a wonderful shower last weekend, and we're heading out for another round of celebration this afternoon. This time, it's a mani/pedi party!

My March TUSAL update is ready, but it looks like I accidentally focused on the bricks instead of the jar. Whoops. I'd redo the photo, but it's raining here. This will be the last update with that brick background. By the time the next update rolls around, I'll be living in my new home with my new name. Actually, I won't even be around for the next update. I may try preloading the update, or I may just have to skip April's update. We'll see. Anyway, here it is:

The newest threads at the top of the jar come from a piece I've been working on this week that arrived in the mail with this lot:

I cracked that BBD Limited Edition box open immediately and set to stitching on it. It suited my springy mood. It's now completely finished except for the button. The holes in the button are so narrow that I need a beading needle to attach it, and I've packed all my beading needles! Fortunately, Mom is supposed to be bringing me a needle so that I can finish the piece later this afternoon. I'll post a photo of my finished stitching with my next post.

I want to thank those of you who shared suggestions for dealing with my worries about running out of thread. I especially loved the idea of blending one length from each skein in order to keep the differences between dye lots from being so noticeable. Unfortunately, I am stitching with one thread. Fortunately, I did have enough to finish the grass. But then I packed the sampler without taking a photo of my progress. Whoops.

I am back to work on my Gyrafa sampler, but I haven't done enough on it to merit a progress photo. Til next time, I hope everyone stays safe from all this crazy weather, and that you have a frog-free week!


Margaret said...

You must be so excited about your forthcoming marriage! I send you many wishes for a happy wedding, and many year of wedded bliss. Love your new stash --- so pretty! Good going for finishing the BBD kit. That button really has small holes, right? I was lucky to find a good needle right away that would work, but I was worried! Looking forward to more pictures of your WIPs etc. (love your blog background!

Chris said...

Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks! I need to find something to wear :)
I love the cat chart, I need to borrow it when you are done :)

Chris said...

I just nominated you for a liebster award!!

Love ya!