Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Wow!  Only one more WIPocalypse update to go after this one and the year will be over!  Hard to believe it's been that long since we started.  I was actually in a bit of a stitching slump for the first half of this month.  Things have picked up a bit recently.  I did some rather boring looking stitching on the border of my Girafa sampler (not worth taking a photo of that progress), and I will finish the stitching on my giveaway piece tonight.  But I won't be sharing a photo of that for a while either.

This coming month is going to be dedicated to stitching all things Christmas.  To keep things rolling from last month's stitching finish, I have actually 'finished' three ornaments that were stitched last year (or possibly earlier, at least one having turned up during my massive hunt for old projects to be framed).

First up, we have this Peace ornament which came from a JCS ornament issue, I think 2011, but it might have been 2010.  I stitched it using Belle Soie silks on some sparkly Silkweaver linen.
This is a flat ornament.  The back is covered in some fabric from Mom's stash that has just a hint of sparkle to it:

Next up, one of the annual ornaments from Homespun Elegance.  I stitched this one using the called for fibers, and I think it might even be on the recommended fabric.  But I stitched it quite a while ago, so I'm not positive about that.

I backed this one with some fabric that was intended for some patriotic pin pillows I was stitching a while back, but seemed perfect for this little guy:

And lastly, we have another Homespun Elegance design, stitched on the same fabric as the previous ornament.  Which means that they were probably stitched in the same year.  First, the back, which is made with some Weeks wool.  Please disregard the bits and pieces of the rope trim that have deposited themselves onto the fabric.  I didn't get around to cleaning that up til after the photo was taken.

And the front, again using the called for colors.
So that's 3 less unfinished ornaments sitting in the pile.  That leaves about 5 that need finishing, plus the pillow from last month's post.  And of course there is also all the new stuff that I plan on stitching.  Yup, it'll be interesting to see where my needle leads me in the coming month.

That's it for today my friends.  I have caught a bit of a cold, so the Christmas decorating and card writing have been progressing very slowly.  I am hoping to get most of it done by Friday evening.  Saturday, weather permitting, the man and I will go get our Christmas tree and hang the outdoor lights.

Til next time, stay crafty and stay warm!


Southpaw Stitcher said...

Your ornaments are fabulous! Beautiful stitching!

Nicola said...

Your ornaments will look so good hung this Christmas. Its such fun choosing a tree, enjoy.

Giovanna said...

Wonderful ornaments, well done! Love the different trims.

Chris said...

Absolutely beautiful finishes!!
Your tree is going to look amazing!!
Glad that your stitching mojo is back!!

Margaret said...

Love all three ornaments! Is that lace on the first one? So pretty! Sorry you have a cold -- hope it goes away fast!

Parsley said...

Beautiful pieces!

Miss Pants said...

Hope you feel better. We were all sick over Thanksgiving and are just now becoming "human" again.

Love the ornaments and can't wait to see your Giraffe progress.

Bonnie Brown said...

Great ornaments!!!

Siobhán said...

Fantastic work on the ornament finishing! I have some that need finishing--my least favorite part of stitching. Yikes. I hope your cold is over now!

Rcj176 said...

I haven't tried to make an ornament yet! Still working on wall hangings and gifts! Keep up the good work!