Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Scarlet Letter Year

Many of you have probably already heard about Nicola of "Stitching by a Cornish Shore" blog and her fabulous plans for her birthday year.  If you have not, well, she has invited her fellow stitchers and bloggers to join her for a year of stitching samplers from one of her favorite companies, The Scarlet Letter.  There will be prizes along the way, and just some general fun and sharing as the year goes by.  I have, of course, decided to join in.

I have stitched a couple of Scarlet Letter pieces over the years, and have long admired the many beautiful patterns that she has available.  My chosen pattern for this stitchalong will be "Coraggio," pictured here as seen on the Scarlet Letter website:
I do not yet have the fabric or the threads for this pretty piece.  I will do some stash digging for the fabric soon.  Hopefully I'll have something on hand that will work.  As for the threads, she calls for au ver a soie silks.  Those can be rather challenging for me to come by, so I am reluctantly leaning towards stitching it in DMC instead.  I'm just not sure yet.

If the stitchalong sounds appealing to you, head over to the stitchalong blog.  It's gonna be a fun year!


Nicola said...

Sewandso.co.uk ship worldwide and have a marvellous selection of AVAS. If you sign up for their newsletter you will get a 5% discount voucher which you can use against your purchase.

I have ordered this chart after seeing your selection. I look forward to seeing the fabric you choose.

Fabric choice is a huge problem for me as I have to buy via the net.

Margaret said...

I so want to stitch Corragio someday too! I wonder when I will get around to it? lol! Can't wait to watch your progress! Maybe it will inspire me.

Miss Pants said...

Oh Robin what a great choice! I love the mermaid!

Hope to see you this weekend?


Chris said...

Wonderful choice Robin!!