Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final Finish of 2013

This is it!  The year will be over in less than 24 hours, and I have one last finish to share with you.  The stitching on this pillow was done over a year ago, but I was kind of daunted by the idea of hand-sewing a real-sized pillow.  (I don't own a sewing machine, and frankly don't care for them.  I think my mother's warnings to me about not sticking my hands near her machine has translated into a lifetime dislike)  Anyway, I finally set to the task a few days ago.  It's a 14 inch square pillow:

And here's the fabric I chose for the back:

Please disregard any tails or paws in the corners of my photos.  They are always somewhere nearby.

I have finished all the stitching for my new designs, and have moved on to helping Mom with some of her model stitching.  There's still a lot for me to do in the next month and a half, including building a website, eek!  But the thing I'm most looking forward to (and most scared of), is sharing my work with you as we get closer to Nashville Market.  And of course, I couldn't do a launch without a giveaway.  So keep an eye out for that!

I hope all of you have a wonderful, safe New Year's celebration.  I'll be joining a friend or two to watch my college team play in a bowl game, then ringing the new year in with my darling husband.  Cheers!


Margaret said...

I love your finish! Gorgeous job! Good luck with your new venture. I hope it all goes well. I'm anxious to see your releases!

Giovanna said...

Great way to finish the year - may 2014 bring you lots of stitch time and happiness.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Beautiful pillow finish, Robin! I'll be waiting to see your new designs for the Nashville Market. I know they'll be wonderful. Happy New Year to you, too!

Ellen said...

Beautiful job on your pillow, Robin.

Good luck with your new endeavor in the needlework field.

Happy new year!

Myra said...

Gorgeous finish Robin! Your new designs are going to be fabulous and very well received. I can't wait!