Friday, December 20, 2013

This one's for the birds

Hello all!  I'm diverging a bit from my normal subject matter to share some photos of all the different kinds of birds that have been visiting my little birdseed snowman these past few days.  He's kind of a hit.

The first birds to visit the feeder were titmice and carolina chickadees:

Isn't my little snowman cute?  Of course, two days later, he's not looking quite so shapely.  But the brown-headed nuthatches don't seem to mind:

Neither do the carolina wrens (I think I've id'ed this bird correctly.  Feel free to tell me if you know otherwise):

The northern mockingbirds have even shown up, and I rarely see them at the regular birdfeeder:

The wild canaries are back after a few months' vacation, but they have their own special feeder and could care less about the snowman.  This guy is barely yellow right now, but in the summer, they are a brilliant yellow, and a treat to watch:

I've seen plenty of cardinals around the yard, but right now they seem to be boycotting the snowman.  Regardless, the cats and I are enjoying the wildlife show that our little Frosty is bringing to the window!

Have a great weekend!


Margaret said...

Fantastic! I so need to put up a bird feeder of some kind.

Myra said...

Great pictures Robin. Enjoy the show!