Friday, April 16, 2010

Bloomer play

I've been waiting anxiously to get my hands on some of Webster's Pages' new Bloomer ribbons. Finally, finally, a big package of Webster goodness turned up on my doorstep last week! I immediately pulled out the Bloomers and started playing.
I'm using Prima's 8x8 canvas album for this project. I colored the page using Mimosa and Sweet Pea glimmer mists, plus a glimmer screen. I wanted to edge the bottom of the page with some of the Bloomers, but the color wasn't quite right. Here's what the original color of the Bloomers looked like:

I began altering the piece by saturating the Bloomers with Mimosa. It worked okay, but some of my favorite roses are the ones that have a "kiss" of another color on the tips of their petals. I especially love those peachy roses that have hot pink hints of color. Sooo, I sprayed a little Sweet Pea onto my workspace, and gently rubbed the tops of the Bloomers into the ink. I liked the result, but in retrospect, I wonder if the pink might have been more stark if I had allowed the Bloomers to dry from their original spraying before I added even more moisture to the fabric. I'll have to try that next time. But here's what the Bloomers looked like when I was finished:

Finally, I trimmed one individual Bloomer off of the ribbon and used it as the center of an individual flower. I used the same mimosa/sweet pea technique to color the flower.

When I went to stick my page into the protective sleeve, it looked really ugly all squished inside the plastic. So I borrowed a trick from an SEI class I took ages ago and attached the flower to the outside of the protective sleeve. It retains it shape much better that way.

And here' the page that goes to the left of the page above, with the row of Bloomers that I've been talking about:

I've had a lot of fun today making a mess with my Bloomers and Mist. My next couple of pages are going to involve some experimentation with gesso and stitching. Have a great weekend, everyone!


fairyrocks said...

So lovely to see you in your own blog!!!
Thanks for sharing your latest creations

Gine said...

Gorgeous projects as always and I'm glad to see you got a blog up
Have a great Sunday