Friday, January 7, 2011

Is this really a 2-page layout?

When I first started scrapbooking, all I ever did were two page layouts. And I had a difficult time conceiving of a single page layout. There were always too many pictures that I wanted to use, and the idea of cutting down from 6 to one or two seemed ridiculous. Of course, now, I almost never make double paged layouts. The changeover was fairly subtle, but I think I can trace its roots to my discovery of Bad Girls Kits. Those girls did such a wonderful job of encouraging creativity and trying new things, and most of what I was inspired to do only took one page.

So now, when I actually need to make a double paged layout, I struggle. I struggle a lot. Take these two pages here:

I mean, it has many of the qualities of a double page layout: continuity of paper and embellishments; one over arching theme; only one title and one journaling spot for the two pages together. Don't get me wrong, these two pages are meant to sit side by side in an album, but consider the creative process I used to get there. I made the left-hand page, and when I was finished, I made the right hand page with the same basic set of products. I didn't lay them out together and map everything out at one time. So I'm not sure that it really is a double page layout. Or, if it is, maybe it's just a very poorly planned double layout. What do you think? (be nice)


I 'made' these flowers using some small silk flowers layered on top of some Prima canvas flowers, and also added some American Crafts flower ribbon. The ribbon had quite a bit of netting on either side of the flowers, which I trimmed off. I used some of that netting as lacing in these JBS buttons:

And finally, I trimmed off some of the green paper on the right hand side that's behind the pink paper and cut sever flowers out of it to add to the front of that page:

The journaling on this page is about our walk past all the bridges and towards the Piazza Navona in Rome. Hmmm, comparing this layout to my last one makes me realize that I somehow managed to get the pages in my Rome album mixed up. It's not a huge deal, but I wonder how that happened!

I'm curled up with one of the cats in my favorite chair right now, but I'm thinking I might be heading towards a nap in the very near future! It's so cold and blah outside, the perfect weather to cuddle up with a warm, purring little friend and take a snooze.

PS. Did you notice that my warrior angel has ripped her way through my layout?


hilde janbroers said...

wonderful layout!!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

your layout is so pretty. the flowers are killer!

thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to write such a kind comment. I would be honored if you stopped by again sometime or even signed up to follow me and I would follow you! thanks! mary pat

mborrero said...

Shocking a two page layout! lol I know I started doing one page layouts right after one photo los were in fashion.

living, creating, and appreciating
~my blog

Jennifer said...

Your double page layout is beautiful! I used to do a lot more 2 pagers also, but now I prefer 1 page layouts if I can fit the photos in. I think my change came about when I realized just how many albums I already have completed and how many pics left to scrap. :)

Paper Pile Kitten said...

Beautiful layout! Thank you for sharing this!

byondbzr said...

Well first of all, it's beautiful! And I get what you are saying here, I do pretty much the same thing now when I need to crank out a 2-pager. But hey, it's a completed work so I'd be happy it's done and call it a day! (And a 2-pager, lolz!)

Jenny Lilac said...

I think you did a great job with the two-pager! I like your use of the negative space, and your colors and textures all look beautiful together.

Rach H said...

Very nice! Love the details!

Jessica said...

I totally think the two pages go together! Looks wonderful. And yes, totally cuddle up with a purr friend weather here too. I agree that's the best. ;D