Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Mom is a bad influence!

What a busy week this has been! I can't believe it's almost Friday. As I mentioned in my last post (I think), my mom and dad came down for a visit this past Monday. Mom brought me these:

Mmm, I love overdyed threads! She also showed me a design she'll be releasing next month at market, and several ideas she's working on. Mom blows my mind with some of the things that she comes up with. But she's very reluctant to let me share photos on the internet of her work. Which is why you can't tell her about this, wink wink. I'm frantically stitching away on a reproduction sampler she is also going to release at market. It's very pretty, and uses some extremely bright colors. Here's a corner of the design:

I was supposed to work on the sampler tonight BUT as soon as I got home, I worked on a scrapbook layout, and now my hands look like this:

Even though I've washed my hands several times, they are quite... pink. I'm terrified that a tiny bit will transfer onto the sampler fabric, so no stitching for me tonight! Hopefully, the rest of the ink will come off in the shower tomorrow morning and I can get back to work on the sampler tomorrow evening. The goal is to hand it back to her this weekend. At this point, I'm hoping to be done by Sunday!
After we'd admired each other's stitching projects, discussed design ideas, etc, etc, Mom asked if Dad and I would mind driving to the Michael's in Fayetteville. She's putting together a class kit, and had already raided both Greensboro Michael's for a particular item. She was hoping to get the rest of them in Fayetteville. So off we went. And this is where I accuse her (irrationally, of course) of being a bad influence. See, I NEVER shop in Fayetteville anymore. So I claim that she is entirely to blame for this Michael's purchase:

I LOVE this new line from K&Company! And I used it today to make this layout:

This flower is why my fingers are so inky tonight. I colored some of the white layers to match the pink elements on the page. (and btw, I love these fabric flowers, but they smelled bad. I mean, genuinely antique and mildewy bad.)

I also added a couple of splashes of ink to my journaling card. I really love this effect:

Returning to my Monday with Mom and Dad, we next hit the Big Lots. And again, Mom's bad influence resulted in this purchase:

It's hard to tell from the photo, but those big kits are Basic Grey treat box kits. They were a dollar apiece. I grabbed a couple of other Basic Grey items for myself, and some others for my sister, which are not in this picture. As we walked up to the checkout line, Mom found the DVD "Junebug." She kindly agreed to let me buy it. Junebug is this hilariously dark comedy filmed in North Carolina. But the coolest thing about the movie is the fact that my Aunt Teresa has a speaking line in the movie. Yeah, she's even listed in the IMDb. How cool is that? So I think it's way fun that I now have my own copy of "her" movie, all for a whopping three dollars!
I leave you with yet another image of Lucky being his adorable, chill little self. Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Robin! Thanks for coming over to my blog! I love your pretty lo! I just bought that same line at Michaels. I can't wait to use it!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

your layout is great! love the colors

Tracy said...

Thank you for sharing your mom's work. I won't tell :) Its Beautiful.
Lovely layout.
You found some wonderful treasures.
I agree do not touch that canvas ;)

Tammy said...

Oooo, fun purchases! It's a good thing to splurge once in awhile. Love the pretty thread colors too. :)


Danielle said...

Very nice layout. Michael's does have some nice paper lines right now. Now if only I can get my Mom to come shopping with me so i can tell my husband that it was her fault that i bought so much stuff. :)

hilde janbroers said...

love your layout!!