Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Haunted Halloween Exchange *UPDATED*

Last post, I mentioned that I was participating in Terri's Haunted Halloween exchange.  Terri has a blog called Dixiesampler.  I sent my package to Terri, and now that she's received it, I can share what I sent here.
Among the things that I sent, I included a Halloween ornament from this year's JCS Halloween issue.  I think it's the cutest little design (and I was glad to hear Terri say that she liked it too).  In fact, I liked it so much that I stitched a second one for myself!  Here's a closeup:
 and the back:
It's trimmed with silk chenille, and I got the backing fabric from a quilt shop in Maggie Valley.

Yesterday, I was thrilled to find a little package sitting on my own doorstep.  And what a wonderful package it was!  The package was from April whose blog is here, and it was absolutely precious!  It included this lovely little box:
 I just love the pattern she chose to stitch on it!  The inside is lined with beautiful Halloween themed papers and chock full of goodies!
I wanted to wear the socks today, but sadly the heat and humidity are back.  But as soon as I can, I'll be sporting those crazy orange things.  I love fun socks!  So April, if you happen to cruise past this blog, thank you, I loved everything in it!

Monday also brought a new lesson from Thistle Threads in our Cabinet of Curiosities course.  This time, there were actual stitching instructions (previous months have been full of history lessons and instructions on design techniques).  So I've been happily stitching away on a couple of small projects.  In the next couple of weeks, Mom (who is also taking the course) and I will get together and spend a day working on assembling our projects.  I am quite happy at the moment!

I've still got one more layout to try to perfect before delivery time at the State Fair.  Til I write again, hope y'all have a wonderful, crafty week!
*This post is now updated with a link to April's blog so you can check her out if you'd like!


Margaret said...

I saw the exchange you made for Terri on her blog -- wonderful!! And what you received is wonderful too! What fun! I do hope you show off what you're making for the Cabinet of Curiosities. I would so love to see.

April said...

Hey Robin !!! I am so sorry I forgot to include my blog adress in my note!! How stupid of me.. lol
Glad you liked the box. I am a follower of your blog...

Shaunterria Owens said...

What a great exchange! I really like your Halloween ornament too, it is adorable. The box April put together for you is adorable too. Congratulations :)


Giovanna said...

Great Halloween stitching by both - congrats!

Parsley said...

I love your exchange goodies..the ones you send AND received!!! I can't wait to share my exchange goodies on the blog!

city said...

thanks for sharing.

Mindi said...

I'm new to your blog, and found it through the exchange post on Terri's blog. You made her an adorable ornament and sent her a fabulous exchange!

city said...

thanks for sharing.