Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This post is all about cats

It's been so dark and overcast here lately that I just can't get any good pictures of my stitching or my Halloween decorations.  So I thought I'd share a few photos of my silly cats today.  I took this first one a week or two ago, when the weather was much nicer.  We were having a wonderful time leaving the windows open, feeling the cool breezes and listening to the birds twitter.  I think Scout and Lucky were especially interested in the birds:

Princess, on the other hand, wasn't as interested in the open windows.  Just give her a warm sunbeam and she's quite content.

Spike is the closest I've got to a Halloween decoration.  I came into the foyer one day to find her lying on my Halloween tablecloth, like a pretty little statue.

And that's it for today.  The other two cats can't be bothered to pose for photos.  The North Carolina State Fair begins Thursday.  Hubby and I are planning to make our trip on Friday, if the weather is nice.  I love peering at all the farm animals, admiring the art exhibits, and checking out all the plants and vegetables.  But I have to say, the thing I'm most looking forward to this year is sampling a fried Girl Scout cookie.  I just don't see how you can go wrong if the cookie under all the fried dough is a caramel delite!


Giovanna said...

Cute furbabies! :-) Thanks for sharing.

Margaret said...

Love the pics of your cats! So much fun! Hope you have fun at the fair too. Mmmm, friend girl scout cookies sound good to me! :D

Myra said...

Your cats look so happy and content. :o) Have fun at the fair.

Chris said...

Hey Robin!
The cats look very content!
I love the Halloween exchange that you did! What lovely stitched pieces.
Have fun at the state fair!
I hope to see you Saturday!