Monday, October 29, 2012

October WIPocalypse update, and a little BAP too

Good morning!  I hope everyone is staying safe and dry on this blustery morning.  I'm certainly thinking about those of you living to the north of me here on the east coast.  Sandy has brought us some high winds, and the rain started overnight, but nothing like what seems to be in store for others.

It's time once again for a WIPocalypse update.  If you want to learn more about the WIPocalypse fun, check out Measi's blog.  I certainly got some stitching done since the last update, but not a lot of it was truly WIPocalypse related.  However, I'm going to share everything that I have been stitching on recently.  First up is my Girafa sampler, which has been slowly coming along.  I have my doubts about whether I'll finish it this year or not... I think the siren call of Christmas themed stitching my pull me away from this one.  Here's where I was last update:
 And here we are today:
Lots of progress, but a lot left to go as well!

I took some simple stitching with me on our trip to D.C. earlier in the month.  This piece is from this year's JCS Christmas ornament issue, and I used the called for threads.  I can't remember who this is by off the top of my head, but I'll be sure to include that info whenever I 'finish' the ornament.
Wow, that's a really crooked looking photo!

I've been stitching like a madwoman on the newest Blackbird Designs pattern.  But I'll be taking a break for the rest of this week because I need to acquire the rest of the threads I need to stitch it.  But I got pretty far with what was already in my stash:

And finally, the only real WIPocalypse piece.  I started stitching With Thy Needle and Thread's "Boughs of Holly" last holiday season.  Since I didn't finish it before Christmas, I put it aside.  I really didn't have that much left to go.  Here's where I was when I set it aside:

 And with just one day's worth of stitching, I am done!!!
I have already picked out the fabric I want to back the pillow with, so as soon as I'm in a finishing kind of mood, I'll whip this baby right out... well, unless I decide to finish one of the half dozen or so ornaments that need finishing first!

Ugh, I had thought that I might hobble out today for a much needed shopping trip.  I completely failed to consider Sandy and her rain.  Hmmm, not sure whether this will deter me or not.  For the rest of you, stay safe, stay dry, and maybe work in some nice crafty time while you are stuck indoors!

PS.  Don't forget about my giveaway from two posts ago.  The chance to enter ends on Halloween!


Chris said...

Wonderful update Robin!
I love your Snowman finish. You have gotten so far on the BBD pice already :)
I hope that you lose the boot soon :)

Giovanna said...

I love your Girafa sampler, you've got a lot done. Nice going on the other projects too.

Miss Pants said...

So jealous on your Feast of Friendship, I'm still waiting on my supplies.

The giraffe piece is looking good!

Deb said...

Great progress on all your pieces. I've never seen that Girafa sampler before - it's really nice.

Margaret said...

That Girafa piece is just so spectacular. i love seeing it every time you show it! Love all your other WIPS too. And your Boughs of Holly finish -- so cute! I love it!

Anne said...

Your needles have been on fireeee!!! Love all of your pieces, especially the BBD design! The Girafa is pretty neat too!

Emma said...

Oh my you have been busy! All looking great too :)

Linda said...

Great stitching on all your pieces Robin and congrats on the finishes.


Carolyn NC said...

What a beautiful project and all of your other stitching! Great progress!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Love all your WIPs, they are coming along great! Can't wait to see Boughs of Holly finish-finished!

Marcy said...

Everything looks great! Congrats on Boughs of Holly -- can't wait to see it pillowized.

Kaisievic said...

Your Girafa sampler is really unique, I love it and I love all of your other pieces, too. How lovely to have a finish, too.

Nicola said...

Hi Robin

I have been following your posts back on the Gyrffa sampler, it really appeals to me. Which issue of SANQ is it in?

Your Sarah McPhial is superb.