Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scrap mojo returns (and some stitchy progress)

Yippee! I finally found the motivation to continue working on my Rome scrapbook! Yeah, it's taken waaaay too long to get back to my scrapping. This first page is the right hand page for the "Colosseum" page I posted a while back.

Of course, being the contrary soul that I am, I find myself ready to scrapbook for the first time in a couple of months at the exact time that I really need to focus on work, even over the weekend. I don't want my scrappy mood to pass, but I can't spend hours and hours playing with a layout, so I decided to do some scraplifting. I'm creating something, but it moves much faster than if I'm coming up with the layout all by myself. I lifted this next layout from a page I found in Scrapbook Trends, by Leslie Ashe. I grabbed some old BG Periphery paper from the top of my paper stash. I love this line of papers!

I've also done a little stitching this week. I finished all the stitching on this Halloween ornament and started stitching up the pillow, but I don't have any stuffing to fill the pillow. So this is as far as I'm gonna get until I go home to visit Mom and have a chance to hit one of the 'big box' stores in Greensboro.

I made another Halloween pillow just like that one for the CrossStitch Pals exchange last month. On the other side of the pillow, I stitched my name, the year, and the location where we did the exchange.
Finally, I picked up this pattern by La D Da a while ago. I've had all the materials to stitch it, and I decided this month is the month to stitch it. I'm about halfway done with it. My camera did some strange things with the linen fabric, but here's a photo of what I've done so far:

Well, back to the grind. Er, if Spike will let me, that is. She's discovered that I have a little ribbon on the pocket of my blouse, and she's sitting on the arm of my chair, trying to eat/catch the ribbon. Sigh! If only she weren't so darned cute!


Chris said...

Hey Robin,
It looks like you have been busy. Your album is going to be beautiful.
I am about finished with finishing...reached my limit, maxed out, KAPUT!!

Hope to see you over the holidays.
Have you signed up for Jeanine's?

Tontodollydog said...

Glad you have your mojo back - I always found your LO's on Bad Girls so inspiring x